Various Analyses

Papers Investigating the Roles of Implicit Archetypal Patterns in Specific Cultural, Social, & Psychological Contexts


On Complex Selfhood & Configurations of Its Identities

Trans-Forming Tantra: Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Imaginal Western Alchemy, and Genderal Consciousness. 
The Polyvocal Self of Monotheism: A singularly Complex God and Its Parabolic Incarnations in Christ and Depth Psychology

On Socio-Cultural Structuring of Consciousness & Relation to Cosmos

Telling It Like It Really Is: Eco-Logical References for Narrating the Non-Linear Natures of Nature

On Archetypal & Archedynamic Patterns in Contemporary Culture

Embodying the Wound or Wounding the Body: Circumcision as Transformation and Expiation

On Intra- & Inter-personal Psycho-Dynamics in Artistic and Mythic Representations

The Blue Light: Recovery, Expropriation, and Reactive Uses of Animus Mundi in the Grimmís Fairy Tale
Betrayal and Transformation: Psychological Functions of Oath Breaking and Reconstitution in the Poetic Edda

On Processes of Knowing, Modes of Understanding, Styles of Expression

The Splitting of Religion and Magic >>> The Birth of Science as Unconscious Spirituality: On a Rationalistic Opposition of Mythos and Logos, a Literalistic Religious Denial of Animated Matter, and the Re-Animation of Matter in Science