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Web Site Introduction: Orientations to the Mythical Logics of  Concurrently Being the Many in the One

  • Site Guide
  • Site Introduction
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Mytho-Logos: Seeking Logics of Multiplicity in Concept,
        Phenomena, & Expression -- Analytical Papers & Texts

  • On Archetypal, Archedynamic Analytical Method and Mytho-Logos


Various Analyses: Papers Investigating the Roles of Implicit Archetypal Patterns in Specific Cultural, Social, &  Psychological Contexts

  • On Complex Selfhood & Configurations of Its Identities

    Trans-Forming Tantra: Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Western Alchemy, and
    Gender Consciousness

    The Polyvocal Self of Monotheism: A Singularly Comnplex God and Its
     Parabolic Incarnations

  • On Socio-Cultural Structuring of Consciousness & Relation to Cosmos

    Telling It Like It Is: Eco-Logical References for Narrating Non-Linear Nature

  • On Archetypal & Archedynamic Patterns in Contemporary Culture

    Embodying the Wound or Wounding the Body? Circumcision as Transformation and Expiation

  • On Intra- & Inter-personal Psycho-Dynamics in Artistic and Mythic Representations

    The Blue Light: Animus Mundi in the Grimm’s Fairy Tale

    Betrayal and Transformation in the Poetic Edda: Psychological Functions of Oath Breaking

  • On Processes of Knowing, Modes of Understanding, Styles of Expression
    The Splitting of Religion and Magic >>> The Birth of Science as Unconscious Spirituality

Concurrent Being: On Knowing & Understanding the Pluralistic Status of Being Variously

  • A Philosophical Perspective on Pluralistic Status and Its Radically Complex Realities
  • An Overview of the Psychology of Complex Selfhood and Its Concurrent Identities
  • A Concept of Epistemic Methods for Knowing both Exclusively Singular & Inclusively Plural Status
  • An Orientation to some Hermeneutic Models for Understanding Radical Complexities
  • Education, Maturity, and the Value of Diversifying Ways of Knowing & Understanding
  • Figuring the Dynamical Compositions of Reductive & Non-Reductive Association


Concurrent Becoming: On Experiencing the Mercurial Multiplicities of Becoming Variously

  • Engaging the Transient Concurrencies of Diversified Being through  the Metamorphic Dynamism of Mythic Status
  • An Orientation to Artistic Creativity as   Evoking the Metamorphic Manifestation of Concurrent Becoming
  • A Concept of Ritual Enactment as Inducing Mythic Participation in Concurrent Being/Becoming


Manifesting the Many in the One:
On Knowing the Irreducible Complexities of Self, Other, and World Through Singular Reduction and Diversifying Plurality

An Archetypal Epistemology of Inclusive Understanding

  • Many in the One Abstract
  • Many in the One Chapters List
  • Many in the One Table of Contents
  • Many in the One Text
  • Many in the One Works Cited


Learning to Be—Variously: On Education, Individuality, and Schooling the Self in Pluralistic Egalitarian Culture

An Archetypal Analysis of Educating Individuality 

  • Learn to Be Abstract
  • Learn to Be Chapter List
  • Learn to Be Table of Contents
  • Learn to Be Text Selections  
  • Learn to Be Bibliography

Arts of Precipitating Participation: Creative Acts that Interact with and thus Make Manifest More-Than-Ordinary Reality

  • Acknowledging the Inherently Imaginal Re-Presentations of the Real that Precipitate Awareness of Things
  • Manifesting the Impossibly Real: Explicit Form that Co-Responds with the Implicit Dynamism of Concurrent Being/Becoming
  • Knowing Self by Becoming Other: Expressing thus Becoming the Not-Not-I that Precipitates Participation of Multiplicity
  • Creating Re-Presentations in Participatory Correspondence with the More-Than-Ordinary

 Images and Enactments: Making Radical Complexity Visible and Tangible

  • Image and Object as Discontinuous Phenomena of Concurrent Presence, Absence, and Relations
  • Music, Gesture, Language as Sequential Cacophony of Accumulative, Concurrent, Emergent Particularities of Meaning
  • Archaic Ritual Arts for Embodying Extra-Ordinary, Mythically Manifold Meaning & Status
  • Of Holidays that were once Holy Days of Artful Expression Precipitating Mythical Status


Tales, Tellings, Poetics: Engaging the Other Worlds of this One by Knowing Differently

  • Signifying Everything: Language and the Interminable Mystery of Meaning that Knows Every Which Way
  • Myth-ing the Points:  On The Mythic Mode of Telling Complexity as More-Than-Ordinary Reality
  • Activations of Psycho-Mythic Knowing in Extra-Ordinary Style, Content, & Context

Stories of Knowing Other Wise: Narrating Mythical Status through Diversifying Tales & Tellings                                   

  • Fairy Tailing

    The Blue Light

  • Psycho-Mythic Telling in Contemporary Style

    Something She Said

    Coyote Gets Ugly

    Letting Him Go

  • Re-Mything in Re-Telling Old Tales

    Re-Birthing the Body of Love

    The Free Agent

  • Seeking the Wisdom of the Other World in This One

    There and Back Again

Poetic Conceptions: Verse-ifying Poetics of Mythos, Logos, Psyche

  • On Poetic Diction & Pluralistic, Poly-valent Logics
  • Mytho-Logos Verse
  • Psycho-Logos Verse


Sources, Resources, Links and Contacts

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Web Site Glossary of Terms & Concepts

Presentations and Workshops

  • Web Site Author
  • An Approach to Applying these Concepts
  • Engaging Extra-Ordinary Understanding
  • Practicing Archetypal Analysis
  • Manifesting Mythical Knowing


In for It Now—Like It or Not

Psycho-Philo-Sophic-Maxims: Paraphrasing Complimentary Theoretical, & Methodological Framings from Different Disciplinary Contexts

Seeing Through Un-Reality: Perceiving by Way of Re-Presentations

  • Looking at Looking: Imagining the Realities of Reality’s Images
  • Short Takes (briefer video)

    The Art of Art

    Imagoes of Embodiment

    Knowing Things by Images They are Not

    On Reduction and Non-Reduction (short version)

    Sciences of Taking Place (short version)

  • Extended Ruminations (longer video)

    Psyche’s Dwelling Places

    Mechanical Soul

    On Reduction and Non-Reduction—Part #1

    On Reduction and Non-Reduction—Part #2

    Sciences of Taking Place—Part #1

    Sciences of Taking Place—Part #2

    Sciences of Taking Place—Part #3

    Sciences of Taking Place—Part #4

    Enacting Extra-Ordinary Being—Part #1

    Enacting Extra-Ordinary Being—Part #2

    Enacting Extra-Ordinary Being—Part #3

 Alchemical Yogas of Knowing: Exercising the Variousness of Awareness & Understanding

  • Posing Alchemical Yogas of Knowing Variously
  • Re-Orienting the Knowing of Knowing
  • Specific Exercises for Diversifying Ways of Knowing