Seeking Logics of Multiplicity
in Concept, Phenomena, & Expression
Analytical Papers & Texts


Using Psychological, Philosophical, & Mythological Perspectives to Amplify Archetypal Traits of Being & Knowing Variously

On Archetypal, Archedynamic Analytical Method and Mytho-Logos

Various Analyses

Papers Investigating the Roles of Implicit Archetypal Patterns in Specific Cultural, Social, and Psychological Contexts

Concurrent Being

On Knowing and Understanding the Pluralistic Status of Being Variously

Concurrent Becoming

On Experiencing the Mercurial Multiplicities of Becoming Variously

Manifesting the Many in the One

An Archetypal Epistemology of Inclusive Understanding

Learning to Be—Variously

An Archetypal Analysis of Educating Individuality